Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holly Carver-Lee

Holly Carver-Lee a native of Maryland, her eye for photography evolved working as a graphic designer and photo stylist. She loves exploring and viewing life through her camera which has become an indomitable hobby. Holly observes her everday life through photography and journal writing as a way of healing and process with a desire to share her hope and love to others.

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  1. The most realistic paintings I've EVER seen!!!

  2. I like the red flower. It is very vivid.

  3. Kap... you're a douche...
    I love them all Miss Holly! There were so many to choose from. I love the bird's view too... I should have just posted them all! <3

  4. kap who... ( ;

    thanks Bec, feel free to post anytime...

  5. Particularly like the contrast of fresh, vivacious daisies against tired, washed out wooden tiles, but all the pics are excellent. great eye! Doug :)